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Addicted to romance travel ourselves, we've been planning honeymoon, destination wedding and romantic getaways for over two decades. You can count on signature packages and white glove concierge service for your dream escape.

White Sand Travel has over 25 years experience curating romantic getaways to the most coveted destinations in the world, specializing in the Caribbean and Mexico.  Turn your fairytale into memories that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Welcome to White Sand Travel


Owner and Romance Travel Advisor

Admittedly, I’m a romance junkie. I’m into love stories, fairy tales, weddings and the celebration of two people in love. When my son got married, I helped my daughter-in-law navigate the process and it was then that I realized my true passion.  I had found my niche – a romance travel advisor. Today, I help couples create their own magic. After all, what else would a romance junkie do but create magic so love can continue to bloom!

It all started with my own, underwhelming honeymoon.

My brand-new husband and I were ready to kick back and relax in Jamaica (where I’m from), for what was supposed to be the most romantic, most important vacation of our lives. Boy, were we disappointed. Our room was dated. There wasn’t even a restaurant at the resort — all of the rooms were condo-style, which meant they had their own kitchens. But the last thing I wanted to do on my honeymoon was cook! After two days at this condo-hotel, my husband and I looked at each other and said, do we have to stay here? Instead of sticking around the resort, we decided to take lots of daytrips to visit family we had on the island. Hanging out with our family wasn’t exactly the romantic honeymoon we had imagined, but we just had to get away. So, how did we let this happen? Well, we were so busy planning our wedding, we didn’t start thinking about our honeymoon until a few weeks beforehand. And at that point, our budget was stretched too far, and we had little to work with. Plus — I did check out photos of the resort in the magazines and brochures, and I thought it looked so nice. But when we arrived, we realized we were duped. The photos looked nothing like the actual resort. My own honeymoon was such a huge “aha” moment — this was no way to start a marriage.

From disaster to dream romance travel planner

When I started my travel business 13 years ago, I had the story of my own disastrous honeymoon in mind. I wanted to make sure no other newlyweds had to experience what we had gone through. A honeymoon is so much more than a romantic vacation — it’s your first days together as husband and wife. It’s an intimate escape after the whirlwind of the wedding. It’s a chance to connect with one another and explore an exotic locale together.


I want your honeymoon to be downright magical. My team and I would be honored to work with you. Check out our services to explore how we can create the ultimate romantic rendezvous that speaks to all your travel dreams.